Inverloch’s ‘Dusk | Subside’

Inverloch's Dusk Subside album

The Dusk | Subside cover artwork. Image courtesy:

If someone is alone in a dank chamber that rattles with ominous echoes, two things are likely to occur: They’ll collapse in panic, or they’ll be thrilled to their metacarpals. Dusk | Subside from Australia’s Inverloch wisely takes cues from the latter, combining a suffocating, doom-inspired space with the rumble of death metal. Considering Inverloch’s past, this is telling.

The Inverloch lineup is: Ben James (vocals), Tony Bryant (bass), Paul Mazziotta (drums), Matthew Skarajew (guitars) and Mark Cullen (guitars). While 2012’s Dusk | Subside is the first effort for Inverloch, Mazziotta and Skarajew once belonged to the 1990s doom/death outfit, diSEMBOWELMENT. This work throws hints at the wonder of the mighty diSEMBOWELMENT but emerges out of the calamity in independence.

“Within Frozen Beauty” starts with an instrumental clanking and bursts into a death metal hum; the song gathers its speed and plows into a rigid guitar solo. Some unsettling sound bytes lift the tune out of its mystery; they whisper and trickle into the beginning of the following track. Opening with a dragging, doom attitude, “The Menin Road” unravels low, growling vocals; sloshing cymbals complement sticky guitar riffs. “Shadows of the Flame,” awakens itself out of oblivion with quaking percussion, and this number caters to more drum fills as well as busy riffing. Atmospherically, the drear clouds over the song’s ending.

Dusk | Subside leaves foul traces all over the place, but it is wickedly cunning by luring listeners into its trenches; these traits are what make this album an enjoyable listen. The three tracks are sustained and are crafty enough to pluck influence from death metal to add interest. Undoubtedly, this effort is similar to finding oneself in a grisly space–one may as well prepare for the thrill.

“The Menin Road”/Courtesy: YouTube

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