Frosttide – Awakening

Heavy metal experience in need of an awakening? If so, Frosttide’s latest effort is akin to witnessing a cosmic renewal.

Frosttide Awakening

Frosttide’s Awakening album artwork. Image courtesy:

A relatively new member in the metal circuit, the Finnish outfit has been presenting a blend of melodic metal with a folksy approach. Last month, Frosttide released the debut full-length, Awakening. The album’s backbone packs a metallic heaviness but its innards are also feathery and harmonious, fashioned with awe.

“Winter’s Call (Intro)” proceeds like rolling clouds of bright, synthesized tones, which layer themselves within the track. “Awakening” meshes heavy instrumentation with uncompromising, harsh vocals; a choral arrangement peeks in, delivering an airy quality. What the two tracks, “Quest for Glory” and “No Turning Back,” offer is the same wavelength of chunky guitar riffs and emotional instrumentation. “Dawn of Despair” quickly weaves an instrumental preparation for “Siege” to enter with adamant fury. “Ruins of Defeat” relies on much of the keyboard and guitars to tell its story; choral vocals do chime in again, as an upbeat rhythm chips away at massive amounts melody.

Finishing at nearly eighteen minutes, “Unwritten (Engraved in the Stars),” is an extensive track but journeys through varying movements, whirling out jagged riffs, dumping glittery tones sans percussion, and stamping rough vocals; all of this is done without shedding the magical mood the band creates. Be sure to catch the surprise rendition of the classic tune, “Cheri Cheri Lady,” dreamily halting the album.

Awakening is a supernova of an effort. Miraculously, the work’s contents explode, flutter and collect to showcase a balanced finesse. While the music whisks breathtaking melodies, it piles on slabs of in-your-face vocals. The only snag is that, at times, songs appear to lose themselves in their grand musicality, making them indistinct. Secured numbers like, “Awakening” and “No Turning Back,” harmoniously trot along; “Siege” confidently leads with gruffness. Voyaging into a vibrant sound, the album melds melancholia, nostalgia, and splendid wonder–a must for a needed musical retreat.

If strapped in and ready to launch into melodic astonishment, listen to “Quest for Glory” on Soundcloud


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