Kausalgia’s ‘Farewell EP’

Somewhere, a dismal soul is searching for a song or two to complement its mood. Those should follow the music of Finland’s Kausalgia, known for creating a brand of black metal with dark, melodic tendencies. The 2012 EP from Kausalgia, Farewell, is a magnetic work, drawing listeners to mournful riffs and a relentless black metal spirit.

Kausalgia - Farewell

Kausalgia’s Farewell. Image courtesy: metal-archives.com

“Reincarnated” features wholesome drumming at its opening; scratchy guitar riffs carve out and set Kausalgia’s style. When dreamy, acoustic playing appears, a sorrowful atmosphere is felt. On “The Drug” an urgent mood is matched with a hasty melody. The slowed tempo of “Lupaus” dresses up the doom-like luster of its charm. After “Farewell” dawns with a faint piano, the remainder of the track unmasks some ferocious tremolo riffs that quake over a hushed groove. Rhythmic percussion spices up “As the Curtain Falls,” as does the break that showcases the bass.

At five songs, Farewell manages to roundup disparate tunes; the tracks simply carry their own personalities. Those familiar with this styling should not deem this EP as gimmicky black metal, but the songs do not creatively reach beyond a basic appeal. In the aspect of production, nothing is left to gripe about. The underlying thought is that Kausalgia uses time wisely, from incorporating lighter melodies to infusing incessant heaviness. The last two tracks, “Farewell” and “As the Curtain Falls,” are likely to develop the most appreciation, as they are especially tasteful. Farewell has enough bite to keep listeners returning for doses of melancholia.

“As the Curtain Falls”/Courtesy: YouTube

Want more? Skip over to Bandcamp to listen to the entire Farewell EP.

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