Thy Light – No Morrow Shall Dawn

Thy Light, a black metal project from Brazil, makes despair delightfully entertaining.

The music of Thy Light is led by two artists: Paolo Bruno and Alex Witchfinder. Offering a taste of Thy Light, the demo Suici.De.spair greeted listeners roughly six years ago. The recently released album, No Morrow Shall Dawn, is a work that journeys from emptiness to solemness, making halts to indulge in a satisfying sound.

“Suici.De.spair” blooms with a somewhat soft start; the song is characterized by blank piano notes, though it does not necessarily conjure sadness. “Wanderer of Solitude” channels another drawn out beginning, but this time from an acoustic perspective; it is, then, doused in heaviness amid an average tempo. Screaming appears once the instrumentation drearily settles. Following those attributes, the song takes on melancholic nature.

No Morrow Shall Dawn/

Once it announces itself, “No Morrow Shall Dawn,” is surprisingly rhythmic, though it maintains a tempo that is suited for wallowing. Some eerie, unidentifiable sound bytes seem to push clean singing out to finish the track.

Creativity surfaces on “Corredor Seco,” which is mostly emphasized with the sounds of dripping, cushioned by more acoustic strumming. “The Bridge” opens with the sound of rainfall and proceeds to deliver what may be considered the most intense song on the album. With more screaming, it seems to be a compilation of the swollen graveness that made up the previous tracks.

On No Morrow Shall Dawn, Thy Light withdraws from abysmal territories to portray desolation. At five tracks, the album is not lengthy, but select songs fall around the ten-minute mark; they prolong their solitude and distance. The production leaves nothing to fuss over, but some may crave more signature black metal tremolo implementation. The tracks offer enough variation to suit and support listeners’ interpretations, leaving no selective songs particularly outstanding. As a whole, this album can be appreciated for exploring melancholia and supplementing the low spirit.

Listen to No Morrow Shall Dawn in its entirety on Bandcamp.


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