I’m a Lousy Listener

This post is a bit casual. So, if you were hoping for something all fashionable with quirky creativity, it will not be found here. Please relax and go with it. Though, I am not all that content.

I embrace new music from bands and artists, especially from up-and-coming and underground musicians. Since I do not regularly attend shows, tour-hop or flock to festivals, I offer my support by reviewing music that I stumble upon. It is a fantastic method for exposing folks to songs that get overshadowed by any mainstream art. Additionally, I find reviewing music thrilling and therapeutic. Don’t bother asking me how. It just is.

I get a kick out of reviewing music, but when it comes to listening to music on my downtime, I admit I have some pretty awful habits. I’m aware this may paint me a shade of hypocritical; I hope no one puts an invisible cramp in my credibility. After all, reviewers are supposed to be completely “on it,” right? Well, this, more or less, concerns my listening patterns, when I’m not blissfully interpreting pieces.

Outside of analyzing music, I also love (really, really love) simply perusing my playlists for songs to listen to and sing along to. Everyday. Every afternoon. Every night. But (There’s always a but.); the foolish part is that I find myself frequenting certain artists, albums or songs. My newest repeat is, “Rainbow Demon,” and then, there’s “You Learn”; let’s not forget, “Blood and Roses,” oh and “Rhythm is a Dancer.”

I try to venture out to discover new, likable songs, but I always come running back to that one–that one freaking song. It is not solely identifying my favorite tracks to enjoy. It is as though, I love music so much, that the experience is too good to be true; so, there are these negative circles I enter. I even have pangs of guilt, as I raise my finger to tap my touch-pad to replay. Actual guilt wells up inside of me. I am not exaggerating.

How shameful.

Realizing this is not a serious condition, I still find comfort in venting it out by tracking my listening habits. My music addiction is everlasting, and the obsession does have some highlights by enhancing my reality. I just wonder whether or not it is possible to ever shatter the patterns that I have paved with listening to select songs over and over. And, over and over again. I love music too much for this to be gripping me.

Dang. How pitiful.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be drowning myself in one of the songs worn out by replays:

And, now, being playing for the umpteenth time by yours truly: Sepultura – (Motörhead) “Orgasmatron.” Courtesy: YouTube

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