You Are What You Swallow – Sanity’s Rage

My, how mighty is metal that turns a keen eye to the flaws of humanity. On the premises of thought-provoking metal is the Belgian thrash band, Sanity’s Rage.

The band presented themselves on an EP entitled, The Rage of One in 2006. The members are: Jesse Van den Bossche (guitars), Davy Stuyck (bass), Kenny Molly (vocals), Gabriel Deschamps (drums), Maxime Deschamps (guitars). You Are What You Swallow, the first album from Sanity’s Rage, made its way in 2012; the band has grown comfortable with pointing out humanistic downfall.

Sanity's Rage - You Are What You Swallow

You Are What You Swallow/

The concept of You Are What You Swallow is comprehensive. The album involves people’s consumption and the regurgitating of values in communities, questioning an individual’s ability to function within a society. With that concept clinging in the mind, songs attack with a thrash metal attitude.

“The Madness Continues,” the opening track, draws ears in with precise riff work. The foundation of “You Are What You Swallow” is devoured by groove but does squeeze in some diverse rhythms; “Aberration Mandatory” follows. On “Product of Calamity,” some drilling drumming is emphasized, and it is one of the standout tunes on the album. “Kisses with Fangs” unveils an upbeat tempo and leaves it to vanish. “Shackles and Shades” is saturated in a fitting solo and has a structure similar to “Product of Calamity.”

“The Wheels Keep Grinding” is an awesomely stated track and the break with the snare makes it better; overall, the track seems to musically capture the title. Both “Trinity of Sorrow” and “Taste of Decay” swiftly move. Listeners are likely to be refreshed, as the drum fills on “Once You Cross” are prominent. “Thumbs Up for the End of the World” carries charging rhythms to finish the album.

The thrashing racket Sanity’s Rage causes is bound to entertain one thought: It sounds like raging sanity. This is supported by the pummeling drumming of Deschamps, the rapid guitar work of Van den Bossche, Deschamps and Stuyck, and topped with Molly’s aggressive vocals. Two songs that will impress are: “You Are What You Swallow” and “Product of Calamity.” For the next effort, the band should consider aiming for songs that deposit more consistency, which will leave the songs more layered. Whether or not they can top themselves with the admirable, significant concept, You Are What You Swallow, is a more pressing matter.


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