Rusted Brain – High Voltage Thrash

Shock-seekers should turn toward the Polish thrash metal band, Rusted Brain. The full-length, High Voltage Thrash, proves to be an unstoppable meshing of speed and intensity.

High Voltage Thrash/

The instrumental track, “Intro (Apocalypse Now),” pushes through with the patter of helicopters and stirs thoughts of war. “Caught in the Fire” is quickly served, and it snatches attention. Look out for some winding, periodic rhythmic shifts on “Bloodpath.” Thunderous, heavy drumming quakes “Waiting for Death” and “Juggler” forces its speed. “Terrorzone” showcases a lively guitar solo, but “Executor” presents an interesting hook near its completion. The sounds of “High Voltage Drunk” and “Burn ‘Em” are wildly furious.

It is not difficult to detect the ferocity that is embedded in High Voltage Thrash. Of the nine tracks on the album, “Terrorzone” and “Executor” receive credit for plastering the strongest structures. As the vocals are gritty and biting, they add to the band’s brand. However, pulling back a tad would give Rusted Brain a better balance to embrace some creativity. Overall, an immediate appeal is how the thrashers are unapologetic about offering the familiarity of tasteful metal. 

“Caught in the Fire”/YouTube

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