Metal – Proving Our Mettle

Metal - Proving Our Mettle

Proving Our Mettle/

Honoring the glory of heavy metal is the Australian outfit, Metal. The band’s sound is recognized as balance of heavy metal with tinges of melody. Metal released the full-length, Proving Our Mettle, this year.

With raw enthusiasm, “Heavy Metal” is off to a strong start; the styling of the guitar sets the tone for the remaining tracks in the album. The structure of “Victory” is heightened.

As “Beneath the Banner of the Iron Duke” follows, some may deem the rhythm highly attractive. Nothing particular encrusts “Battlefields Ablaze,” but “The Buccaneer’s Revenge” paves room for different musical approaches to emerge. “The Smelting of Steel” offers slabs of heavy riffing, and it is worthwhile to note that “The Gry Lion” gives a glimpse at operatic vocals, which declare a faint presence. “Fighting for Metal” becomes characterized by the ongoing chants of, “We’re fighting for metal!”

“The Kiss of Steel” gives in to “Proving Our Mettle,” where double tracked vocals can be heard. Some jabs at speed are understood with “Trafalgar.”

Reserve Proving Our Mettle, when on a cool down phase from Iron Maiden or Onslaught. Metal’s tunes are laid back, simple outfits, which is fine from a stylistic angle; however, some musical snags need to be stitched in the area of delivery. The band’s musical ideas are entertaining, flirting with strong potential. With all respect, the glitch is that they only need to be fulfilled.

Vocals fall somewhere between singing cleanly and spoken lyrics, which is where the album falls flat in some places. The melodic delivery of the riffs would benefit from support from equally melodic vocals. Know that Metal does pull together satisfying numbers with “Beneath the Banner of the Iron Duke” and “The Buccaneer’s Revenge.” Also, the band gets mega kudos for passionately representing the name of heavy metal music, as belted out on “Heavy Metal” and “Fighting for Metal.” With some direction, the efforts of Metal should be an invincible force in the future.


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