Ben Draiman – The Past Is Not Far Behind EP

An infectious pair in contemporary music is piano and guitar. With that infamous duo’s presence, the casual modern rock listener is bound to be raising the question in waiting: What makes one tune different from the next? On the EP, The Past Is Not Far Behind, Israeli Ben Draiman answers this by declaring a powerful, reflective lyric, carried in the common language of electric guitar strumming amid dancing piano notes.

The Past is Not Far Behind (EP) cover art

The cover of Draiman’s The Past Is Not Far Behind. Image courtesy:

The previously released single, “Soon Enough,” opens the EP, and listeners may find it impossible to tear away from a serious melody. The chorus of “Avalanche” becomes dampened with gloomy chords; rhythmically, it may remind one of trudging against inner turmoil. The incorporation of strings on “21 Seconds” shifts the song’s atmosphere and meets vocals on “Would You Know Love?,” which are near gravelly in timbre. “Overcome” revisits the the softness of strings and beckons a weighted melody. When “Taken for Granted” exhales the verses’ freshness, it airs the matter of personal regret; bringing the EP to a halt, it is likely that listeners will be left in thought.

Expect the record’s production to tilt toward exposing vocals, which allows the lyrics to be easily deciphered; the recording, too, captures the power that heavy guitar chord-loving listeners crave. As the brother of hard rock/heavy metal vocalist, David Draiman, Ben has covered a song from his sibling’s musical ventures. Nonetheless, artistic independence is found on The Past Is Not Far Behind.

What Draiman has created is a sound that cushions familiarity of light, pop rock. Musically, songs are comparable to Daughtry–sans sugary choruses. The pieces appear to be vulnerable, wavering in the sensitive musical technique. Gaps appear where some songs lose their attractiveness, as they lack hooks to reel in catchiness, and another pitfall is the sameness in vocal melody. Some highlights, though, should be recognized.

Appreciate how Draiman tugs at the value of thankfulness of “Taken for Granted” and passionately laments on “Avalanche.” What remains significant is that Draiman’s originality peers through the transparency of lyric; it is clear that Draiman mostly relishes in creativity with songwriting, which is where he pushes a personable approach.

The official video for “Avalanche.” Courtesy: YouTube/Ben Draiman

If interest has been heightened, discover more about Ben Draiman on his website. Play and/or download “Soon Enough” and “Avalanche” on Bandcamp.


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