Roarback Releases 2013 Promo

Roarback - Logo

The Roarback logo. Image courtesy:

Denmark’s Roarback packages death and thrash metal. The metal outfit released their Face the Sun EP in 2012 and have recently returned to deliver more songs that swarm around speed and fury. The members of Roarback are: Andreas Dixø (guitars), Dennis Ullehus (vocals), Mikkel Stender (bass), Andreas Rohde (guitars) and Kåre Holm-Sørensen (drums).

Through blast beats, crushing riffs and deep growls, Roarback sculpts their tunes with power and intensity. To make their presence known, Roarback has been promoting the tracks: “People’s Hate,” “Manor of Hatred” and “Echoes of Pain.” Of the three tracks, “Manor of Hatred” is a prime sampling of the band’s direction, toying with varying rhythms and piling on the heaviness–likely to remind one of Vader.

Those in the mood for some speed-induced, maddening metal should check out Roarback. To get a taste of how Roarback handles their metal, listen to songs off of the Face the Sun EP on Bandcamp and allow the pelting brutality to storm.


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