Gorefield – As Dawn Bleeds the Sky

With the spirit of new school thrash metal, Gorefield is carving their mark within metaldom. Gorefield became an active band in recent years, releasing a demo, “This is (Gorefield),” in 2011. The Australian thrashers have created a full-length, As Dawn Bleeds the Sky, where they demonstrate their brand of energetic thrash.

Minus percussion, “Embers” opens with a catchy melody and bursts into activity. “Playing with Fire” is interesting, as it shifts its rhythms and and offers different tastes. “End of the Night” jogs along at a rather average speed; it almost has a rocking feel, though it should not disappoint the die hard metal fan. The final song is “As Dawn Bleeds the Sky,” a somber, yet harmonious number that is nearly undefinable in sound and style.

From the angle of the record’s production, some may have desired a higher volume on vocals; the fact that the band incorporates clean singing is a plus, which is an element that needs to be cherished and emphasized. In the aspect of songwriting, a handful of the songs conclude with grand guitar soloing, when the songs surfaced enough expression and attitude without that element.

Gorefield earns respect for capturing wholesome moments, which are apparent on “Embers” and “Playing with Fire.” It is certain that the musicians are passionate, enthusiastic about their songs, and they are capable of experimenting with techniques to air their artistry. As Gorefield has stirred some wonder on As Dawn Bleeds the Sky, it will be intriguing to venture into their musical efforts that follow this album.

While waiting, have a listen to “Embers” and “Love Thy Enemy” from Reverbnation.

As Dawn Bleeds The Sky artwork by Bouzikov

Album artwork for As Dawn Bleeds the Sky. Image courtesy: Gorefield

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