Final Curse – Way of the Accursed

Final Curse, an American thrash metal band, creates outspoken metal that seeks to be heard. Constructing the Destructive, the band’s first album, reached audiences roughly five years ago. Final Curse has been determined to craft a down-to-earth, honest lyric about societal matters, and the band does this while dumping some heavy thrash into waiting ears.

“Corruptor of Innocence” is shaken and settles into Final Curse’s musical statements, which terrorize in the following tracks. “Replace God…Conceal the Beast” grants the heavy riffs the opportunity to entertain sans vocals for a spell. “Biltmore” slowly surfaces an acoustic start, and the latter part of song gels itself with many guitar solos. “Rage Around Your Neck” is sure to summon the aggressive side in the listener.

“Reaper of Justice” savors some pounding drums. “Consume” is characterized by a relaxed tempo, reigning as a memorable tune. “Ghostbones” receives respect for bringing a fresh approach to the album, as it pours out a warm atmosphere with melodious guitar strumming. “Is There No Hope?” concludes the album with some forceful sounds. 

way of the accursed cover art

Final Curse’s Way of the Accursed album artwork. Graphic courtesy: Final Curse

On Way of the Accursed, listeners can expect tough, heavy thrash with other nuances of metal welcomed. Final Curse has managed to pin some wildly attractive numbers such as, “Consume” and “Ghostbones.” Admiration can be found in Final Curse’s choice of fashioning the lyrics to be listener-friendly, and it would be beneficial to be attentive; however, in some spots, lyrics are sticky in rhyme scheme, where the songs would have soared under fluid variation. On the other hand, lyrics are likely to get audiences wisely scrutinizing any flaws in their realities–without indecision.

Hear what Final Curse has to say by watching their video for “Consume”:

The official “Consume” video. YouTube/FinalCurseOfficial

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