Abductum -The Unrevealed Truth

Abductum, a Spanish thrash band, is claiming territory on the metal scene. The band released their debut album, The Unrevealed Truth, this year. Abductum is: Javi Puente (vocals), Noël Puente (guitar), Francisco Molero “Kiski” (bass) and Mario Jiménez (drums).

The album starts to heat up when “The Proud Pariah” enters, exposing Abductum’s skill for bringing the familiar thrash elements. “Our Master Lie” jumps out of the musical frenzy to coast with some smooth soloing, rather than forcing some hasty shredding; do not miss the cool bass break that sneaks out. Another track worth mentioning is “No My Mermaid”; it focuses on melody in places, nudging it toward encourage audience participation. “The Unrevealed Truth” ignites after a sluggish start and is topped off with a rather prolonged solo.

Instrumentation on this album is quite snug. Some songs to check out are: “Our Master Lie,” “No My Mermaid” and “The Unrevealed Truth.” Abductum assertively navigates itself through the music but does not make many exploratory off road efforts; those detours would have given the album more dimension. Also, these efforts would have allowed the musical ideas to be discovered, fulfilled. Keep in mind that The Unrevealed Truth is sure to encourage some needed thrashing and to persuade some heads to bang.

The Unrevealed Truth/Lastfm.es

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