HI-GH’s ‘Night Dances’

Waltzing along the line that splits punk and speed metal, Italy’s HI-GH dubs their music as, “spunk” and brews audible delight with catchy songs. After releasing a demo, HI-GH presented their full-length, Night Dances, this year. The album is charmingly hook-heavy, all while serving up some memorable riffs and soloing.

HI-GH - Night Dances

The Night Dances (2013) album cover. Image courtesy: metal-archives.com

“Das Boot” gradually picks up speed and is carried into “Faster! Faster! Faster!,” which weaves a string of strong melodies. “Night Dance” announces itself with an eerie introduction and greets some dabs of heaviness. The guitar solo is not too showy but reinforces the swarming elation in the track. “Zig Zag Shaped” is another poised piece, remaining catchy. “501st Legion” should proudly declare itself as a track that is blasted while cruising roadways. “Let Me Know” could have oozed out from under the doors of bar, circa 1987, rocking out amid a sleazy tempo.  

“Hydra” is slightly different since it begins a bit slower, but it eventually boosts itself to a thrashy speed. “Freeway Madness” dumps some bitterness into charging speed. Another track that can cater to lovers of speed is “You’re Going Down (Under the Ground).” Ending the album is “Mind’s War and Peace,” blending the zones of inner struggle and hallucination with its melting instrumentation.

Not yet halfway into Night Dances, and one is likely to detect that the band composes itself well. Most of the tracks fall at an average time, giving enough bites of musical chaos. Though, beware of some bold, quirky lyrics and dramatizations thrown in. The tracks, “Zig Zag Shaped” and “501st Legion,” are songs that represent HI-GH’s overall approach of smashing zesty, upbeat punk and speed metal. In its entirety, Night Dances is effortless joy for ears that desire infectious tunes.


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