Woslom – Evolustruction

Graphic courtesy: metal-archives.com

Those who have been scanning the heavy metal scene for underrated thrash are likely to find themselves in the lair of Woslom, natives of Brazil. Woslom has been releasing demos since the early 2000s, which allowed them to develop their craft. Their debut full-length, Time to Rise, made its way in 2010. Evolustruction is a mighty record, heavy; it takes a mere morsel of time to reel in listeners.

The previously released single, “Evolustruction,” is doused in riffs that are wholesome and varied, a solid kickoff for the rest of the album. “Haunted By the Past” exhales areas where instrumentation can breathe without being overly lyrical; it also delivers quite an amount of shredding. The coming track, “Pray to Kill,” has an impressive structure, moving along with such a pronounced beat.

It is more than worthwhile to mention the soft bass introduction on “River of Souls, as it gives out some flair; the change in vocal persona, gives it a nice touch.  “No Last Chance” is alert and upbeat; the chorus is rich and unforgettable. “New Faith” and “Breathless (Justice’s Fall)” flirt with similiar traits. “Purgatory” gets off to an airy start, and it is also layered. Concluding the album is “Breakdown,” a bonus track that happens to be a cover by Woslom’s fellow Brazilian thrashers, Mad Dragzter.

Evolustruction is finely crafted thrash. The production is well done. What can be detected is that Woslom experiments with their riffs, leaving them with character; they cease to fall flat throughout the songs. Whether they are fulfilled with the raspy, colorful vocals or the heavy riffing, the songs individually embrace their own personalities. On this record, Woslom has proven that they can churn out reputable work within the channels of underground thrash.


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