Terrifier – Metal or Death EP

The newly fashioned Terrifier is determined to bring hyper thrash metal, but the band’s previous musical efforts cannot be forgotten. Formerly under the moniker, Skull Hammer, the thrashers stamped their presence on the Canadian metal scene with the album, Destroyers of the Faith, in 2012This July, Terrifier unleashed their EP entitled, Metal or Death. The band members are: Rene Wilkinson (guitar), Chase Thibodeau (vocals and bass), Brent Gallant (guitar) and Kyle Sheppard (drums). The Metal or Death EP does not end without leaving some enthusiasm for what Terrifier has to offer.

Terrifier - Metal or Death EP

Metal or Death EP (2013)/Metal-archives.com

The first song, “Metal or Death” moves onward with a few hints of blast beats, which speaks from versatile angle.  “Infernal Overdrive” spills even more rapid rhythms into its structure but does not refuse any likable thrash qualities. With its thunderous drumming, “Wretched Damnation” rushes forward into some heavy riffs.

The Metal or Death EP is capable of carrying Terrifier into the playlists of lovers of thrash. Songs are straight forward, and they delight ears with some excitable sounds. Nothing teeters to the point of imbalance and enough experimentation is noticed, namely on “Infernal Overdrive.” Metal or Death is likely to claim a celebrated spot into the lesser known trenches of thrash metal.


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