Kuazar – Wrath of God

Paraguay natives, Kuazar have been honing their thrash metal since the early 2000s. After releasing a few demos, Demolizion and The World is Destroying Itself, respectively, Kuazar debuted their full-length, Wrath of God, in 2009. Kuazar is: José María González (vocals and guitar), Marcelo Saracho (bass) and Eduardo González (backing vocals and drums). The musicians have banded to deliver some furious thrash, comparable to the highly acclaimed Kreator.

Kuazar logo. Image courtesy: metal-archives.com

“Truth of Reality” unfurls itself in shattering madness and sets the mold for the remaining, like minded tracks. Following and highly similar are “Kuriju” and “My Life is My Own.” “Inner Prison” briefly casts a chilly atmosphere, as it is characterized by a low spirited guitar melody. The beginning of “Alcatraz” gives the band time to hone a brief riff before allowing harsh vocals to ensue. “Hunter and Prey” has a guitar solo that peeks in and stretches out.

The next track, “Black Soul,” meets an eventual tempo that is inspired by the thrash template. “The World is Destroying Itself” has a similar introduction to “Inner Prison,” as it wakes from peaceful strumming. A large chunk of “Light of Damnation” is peppered in blast beats, giving another edge to the album. “Twenty Days in Hell (Boquerón)” concludes the album, which carries a sturdy composition.

Those who prefer their thrash on the aggressive, frenzied side will find this album enjoyable. Listeners should not expect diverse doses of vocal melody, as the album is rather led by harsh vocalizations. If Kuazar experimented with other musical elements in the future, the result may give the songs more texture and character. What Kuazar captures, overall, is a rebellious attitude on Wrath of God, and it is sure to be cathartic for those who are thirsty for thrash.

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