Eternal Judgment’s ‘Fatal Virus EP’

Canada’s Eternal Judgment is a thrash metal outfit. On the recent EP, Fatal Virus, songs storm along with a sharpness amid thrashing.

“Fatal Virus” is surprisingly rhythmic. Though, it is not afraid to jab at speed with its soloing. Next is “PowerDrive”; it dawns with a  solo that presents a light, bluesy undertone, giving it an old school thrash appeal. Instead of relying on speed, it relishes in its riffs that are a bit on the groovy side.

Track three, “War Planet…Prisoners of Hell,” is another tune that carries a slowed pace, uncovering a styling, technique of the band; it works. The overall ambiance of this track is hazy, which throws some hints at delusion. “Kill to Survive” thrusts some trashy riffs and undertones reminiscent of drear. “By My Own” does not end without channeling clean vocal harmonies, which may be considered as a wise choice that adds depth.

For being a relative new arrival on the metal scene, Eternal Judgment proves they are able to unravel solid tunes. On the Fatal Virus EP, the band leaves tracks within the typical pace of thrash while tossing some winks at slower rhythms. The work, overall, shows that Eternal Judgment is headed for territories that give them room to mold their metal.

Eternal Judgment - Fatal Virus

Artwork for Eternal Judgment’s Fatal Virus EP (2012). Image courtesy:

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