D.A.M. – Inside Out

At a period when death metal was the go-to metal of the early 1990s, bands were still concocting thrash and carrying its spirit high. One of these products is Destruction and Mayhem (D.A.M.), dishing out thrash from the UK. Taking a look back at their full-length entitled Inside Out, released in 1991, listeners will find some decent thrash metal.

“Appointment with Fear” is one of the earlier tracks that has some solid moments. “Winter’s Tear” fades into a subdued number with a icy, desolate direction; it gravitates toward a poetic and dramatic feel from a vocal perspective. “Circles” is well put together. “No Escape” spits out a firm introduction; notice the creative twists thrown in throughout the piece. “Beneath Closed Eyes” is heavily rhythmic with triplets, and the track dabbles in some synthetic tones. “Inside,” an outro ties the package up with some subdued movement of strings.

Inside Out (1991)/Metal-archives.com

Inside Out is a record comfortable in its innovation and specific classification of thrash, which is prominent on “Circles” and “Beneath Closed Eyes.” Songs seem to gradually strengthen, as the album progresses. The lyrics are distinguishable, a result of clear vocals; however, they are a bit theatrical, which may be appealing for those seeking that take. If they have been missing thrash that wheels out of boundaries, the curious should take a listen.


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