Cellador – Honor Forth EP

Daring is heavy metal that takes a step toward blending styling. When that effort refuses to exclude energetic songs, it leaves ears attentive.

Cellador, an American metal outfit, has been offering melodic metal with tinges of power metal since the mid-2000s. They released the EP, Leaving All Behind, in 2005. The following year, the full-length, Enter Deception, made its way to audiences. Cellador’s most recent project is the Honor Forth EP, which was released this year; the work plows into melody, giving listeners quite an experience.

Image courtesy: Soundcloud.com

“Honor Forth” charges forth in speed and intensity; its hymn-like melody hints at a common power metal structure before melting into an harmonious guitar soloing. The track comes to a surprising halt, as it stirs a subtle, instrumental bit.

The following song, “I’m Omega,” opens with a short, untamed guitar solo. The song packs in a slew of lyrics but includes moments of exciting riffs. Similar to its predecessor, “Unchained” gives a short introduction that is heavy in instrumentation; the overall piece receives kudos for crafting a memorable vocal melody at the track’s dawning. However, it is impossible to ignore the furious guitar solo that surprisingly appears and fades.

“Conscious Defector,” the final number, almost chromatically progresses but may be fittingly heard as slightly melancholic; more importantly, that technique can be celebrated for offering another musical angle for the EP.

The overall nature of Honor Forth packages a sound that is heavy on liveliness. From a technical perspective, the EP’s recording is not flawed, leaving both the instrumentation and vocals results of a fair production. Returning to the nuances of the EP, the band manages creativity while keeping a framework for those craving a familiar textures of power metal. Though, at moments, the vocals could have benefited from blending with the instrumentation. However, the band undoubtedly maintains a tasteful, musical spirit that filters throughout Honor Forth.

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