Joe Kane’s "Can’t Bac Down"

A universal understanding resonates within a song that demonstrates perseverance, and Joe Kane’s “Can’t Bac Down” does just that. Since his teens, Georgia’s Joe Kane has been honing his style as a hip hop lyricist. The rapper created his own label, M.O.B. Muzik ENT., which allowed him to strengthen his reputation among local talent. 
Joe Kane during a performance. Image courtesy of
Joe Kane has released a number of tracks that bridge a range of lyrical styles, channeling the inspiration of NAS and T.I.’s telling of hard times. A gushing example of these nuances is “Can’t Bac Down.” 

The track opens with a dreamy chorus that eventually melts into its verses; Joe Kane takes the opportunity to cleverly express stories from his experiences. Giving the song a musical boost is the versatility. It has a flexible musical likability that can crossover genres, as it is propelled with a catchy hook.  From a technical view, “Can’t Bac Down” offers a quality production; Kane’s vocals, double tracked, are crisp enough to be heard and enjoyed. Overall, “Can’t Bac Down” is fiercely creative, though it is familiar enough to appeal to those seeking to settle into a laid back tune, delivered with a strong stance. 
Head over to Reverbnation to catch up with Joe Kane and to check out his music catalog.

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