Metal Song Released for Charity

Revolution Harmony bridges music and charity.

Revolution Harmony bridges music and charity. Image:

The previously announced track, “We Are,” is now available for purchase. The progressive metal number makes a charitable effort. 

Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend and Ihsahn joined to support Revolution Harmony. Ray Holroyd, journalist and lecturer, launched the project to benefit charities, ranging from humanity to the environment. 

“We Are” was created for the Buskaid program, which seeks to advance and enhance the musical interests of less fortunate South African youth. The track’s release fell on Mandela Day. The internationally recognized South African leader, Nelson Mandela, died Friday, Dec. 3; “We Are” made an impact before Mandela’s passing, honoring the exceptional efforts of Mandela and entertaining music lovers.

The following musicians are featured on “We Are”: Devin Townsend (guitar), Serj Tankian (vocals), Ihsahn (vocals), Abbie Johnson (vocals), Stefan Loh (guitars and drum programming) and Ray Holroyd (music composition). 

To support Revolution Harmony, purchase “We Are” from iTunes or Amazon
Visit Buskaid’s page to learn more about the program.
Head over to the Revolution Harmony website to discover more information about the project. 

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