Gama Bomb – The Terror Tapes

If carefree, fun thrash metal is your thing, you may want to check out the latest full-length from Gama Bomb. The Irish thrash band is nothing new to the metal circuit, and The Terror Tapes has pushed them closer toward honing their appeal for fans. 

The Terror Tapes album artwork. Courtesy of

In Gama Bomb fashion, the songs on this album are lighthearted and offer quirky titles, like “Beverly Hills Robocop,” and yes, a robotic vocal sampling is included amid the thrash elements. Another title, “The Cannibals Are In the Streets (Therefore) All Flesh Must Be Eaten,” may also receive some laughs and entertain with its speed. “Wrecking Ball” is one of the tracks to showcase some notable clean singing, and the below video for “Terrorscope” captures a visual for the musical frenzy of the album. 

The production of The Terror Tapes is crisp and doesn’t leave instruments or vocals uncomfortably overlapping. The album’s tracks that are beyond the three minute mark give enough expression, but don’t expect the guitar shredding and speed to stray too far from the typical thrash template. Though, some jabs at creativity are heard with clean singing and sound bytes complementing select tracks. If you are in the mood for some winks at humor along with some thrash metal, let The Terror Tapes play. 


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