The Halloween Challenge

When you live in the Deep South, the time for crunching leaves and cool, crisp air cannot come soon enough. Just about the only thing better than the weather breaking is that Halloween is a major portion of that season, and there is a heap of fun that I missed out on in previous years. So, I have decided to make a few goals to enjoy Halloween and its nearing days. If you are like me, then you believe these things seem to set the stage for a fantastic time. The list isn’t lengthy; how hard can it be?

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  •  Visiting a haunted house:


I enjoy horror films and am a horror comic newbie. Naturally, this is an excellent way to indulge in terror without the barrier of a TV screen or page. Bring on the ghosts and zombies; I live to be scared.

  • Going to a Halloween costume party:

No matter how old you get, becoming whoever you want to be, via costume, is always exciting. I can’t think of a better time to create a character than Halloween. Partying well into the night (or dawn) seems like the perfect asset to celebrate a newly fashioned witch or goblin.

  • Attending a fall festival:

I would love to go to a festival of some sort. Where I live, there aren’t many that cater to autumn. This one may be a little more difficult than the previous challenges, but I still have perseverance.

Darn it, hurry up, fall.


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