Drowned in November – Early Summer EP

As more needed heaviness begins to occupy music websites, upcoming musicians slowly deposit themselves into the definitive side of collections. Drowned in November, the metal act belonging to the Argentine, Antonio Sanna, released its five-track “Early Summer EP” in mid-March.

Drowned in November stirs a rather familiar black metal atmosphere, devoid of some typical topics; the project compensates in an addressing of solitude, a independent searching within subsurface emotions. The act rides the fringes of depressive black metal, but its musical directions are forwardly approached. A festering hovers over the instrumentally centered “Early Summer EP,” and it does not finish without memorable points.

“Outro,” the first track, mimics a kind of matter-of-fact attitude as cymbals and light piano strokes move the piece along; it recalls an afternoon stroll, swollen with thought.

Only when “Early Summer” emerges can one detect the first hints of black metal elements, droning about a dreamy melancholic scene; this eventually merges with upbeat drumming to create a wholesomely active song. The track’s distinctive feature is its recurring melody that pulses just below heard percussive strikes.

“The City Breathe Hate” ensues as a reflective nature but has its frequent bursts into motion. Roughly halfway into the piece, a break toils into single notes that seem to channel a type of explored confusion that yields to blast beats and bitter guitars.

The fourth song, “Blank Soul,” sprawls out in a fashion that pays a fitting tribute to its title, a gaping musical journey into patient strumming and cymbals that drag along expectantly. These elements are eventually accompanied by the sound bytes of traffic bustle, a taken length that is atypical of the herd.

“Early Summer” can be described as an experimental oriented work that raises a tart attitude, which oozes from the pores of black metal; this appropriately sweeps the EP along the ranks of other solo projects that swarm the extreme metal styling.
Early Summer EP/Drownedinnovember.bandcamp.com

Drowned in November planted itself on the metal scene with a demo entitled, “Just Killing Me” in early 2012, followed by the EP, “Beyond the Skyline.” However, the “Early Summer EP” is perceived as a different angle from Drowned in November’s previous EP, inching away from prominent synthesized tones and beckoning an artistic yearning for feeling.

If the “Early Summer EP” has heightened some curiosity, have a listen and download it for free on Bandcamp. 


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