Watered-down Definitions for Wednesday

Words have a way of baffling writers and writers have been teased by the lack of words. Thesauruses have saved writers from tragedy, and well, things that are far worse.

It appears I’ve stumbled upon an observance in which I was not aware; it’s Thesaurus Day…yes, Thesaurus Day. According to holidayinsights.com, the Thesaurus Day emerged after giving a tribute to Peter Roget, who authored an edition of a thesaurus.

I imagine that there are more than a double scoop full of holidays and observances that are settled in the future, pining to make their way into my sight, but for now, vision has been narrowed on the day of the mighty synonym and has been lodged in its glory in print or behind the device’s screen…depending on how one looks at it.

As a nod to the many words that have given more depth and volume to writings, I have selected a word related to thesaurus to water-down the definition. Merriam-webster.com lists treasury as a meaning for thesaurus; treasury is known for its association with governments, organization branches involving finances, etc. It, however, is apparently another meaning of thesaurus. Here is where treasury rests in the shallow brook of “Watered-down Definitions for Wednesday”:

  • Word: Treasury
  • Watered-Down Definition: A collection of something as in a repository.
  • Word Origin(s): Treasury is from the Middle French word, tresorie and from the Anglo-French word, tresor.

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