Black Butler

I’m silently celebrating to have squeezed in the time to publish a post (you can blame wrapping up the fall semester, the holidays, among other distractions). The music is still being sought after, and I have discovered a great number of bands that I plan to blog about. However, this post caters to another art form that has reached thousands, bridging fans in the similar fashion the way music has done. As I continuously seek solid, reputable, entertainment in metal and other musics, it seems my tastes have been reprogrammed to find what’s zany yet intriguing and, well, what could go for the “under the radar status”.This was delivered in anime and it the discovered series came in the attractively gloomy package this metal enthusiast could enjoy. I must state that the programs on Adult Swim are responsible for guiding me in the direction of these type of programs, but I have (for whatever reason) refrained from relishing in others that frequent other sites. Also, I had never been so moved to watch an entire series, nor had I ever been so eager to complete any. And, they can be described as a type of journey’s dawning. The following sentences may be a bit awkwardly tinged, for I am somewhat new to the “anime experience,” if there is such a phrase.

Black Butler I. Image courtesy:

I have no trouble asserting that this was quite an engaging series. Set in 1800s England, Black Butler follows happenings within the Phantomhive estate as they channel adventures on the exterior of its walls. There are the effects of the Queen, aged terminology displayed through subbed wording, top hats, and other aspects of culture. The fantasy emerges as viewers learn that youngster, Ciel has signed a contract with Sebastian, a demon. The exchange is Sebastian’s devouring of Ciel’s soul for Sebastian’s superb butler service, which comes to Ciel’s during many approaching conflicts within situations. Ciel is the sole Phantomhive who remains once a fire destroys the family’s estate.

Intense imagery circulates throughout the program as Ciel’s eye bears the “seal” of the contract between him and Sebastian. Humor provides a slight lifting of the dark moods in the episodes with the inclusion of a lighthearted Phantomhive staff pops in occasionally. The more prominent, recurring humor, however, is present with the chainsaw wielding, “reaper” named Grell, who airs an intense, yet, clumsily-displayed passion for “Sebas-chan”. Nevertheless, characters like Grell become active aids to the major characters in the episodes.

Black Butler II. Image courtesy:
The next chunk of the series, Black Butler II, featured the same likability for the characters, but with more complexity built into the plot. The season opens with the doings of the sharply mischievous, young Alois Trancy and his butler, Claude. An eventual meetup with a newly awakened Ciel accompanied by Sebastian leads to clashes by the two butlers, and here is where lovers of action can bask. As demons, it is difficult for both Sebastian and Claude to resist the “pureness” of Ciel’s soul. Under the impulse of Hannah, another demon who acts as a maid at the Trancy estate, an ultimate quest for the Ciel’s soul ensues but ends with a surprising, questionable outcome in his mortality and existence. 

Merging the two Black Butler series can give one a delightful escape into the other-worldly essence of a time before, bulging with textured plots and memorable characters. It includes the appropriately shaded environment of its 19th century images of England. As separate entities, Black Butler I and II give followers enough reasons to be dedicated viewers because the uniqueness of the plot structures and offering of a darkly tinted telling.  

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