Ending a Crisis: How Do I Get to My First Metal Show?

A natural, flaming desire should not remain unattended to, right?

This scar of a phrase has been on my mind since I tapped into the urge to join other fans in attendance at a live metal show. Today marked my 22nd year on Earth, and nothing has made my experiences more delightful than heavy metal music. I have been happily thriving in the knee deep sludge of the underground beginning with my discovery of Metallica when I was 16-years-old. Since then, I have been carried into the direction of the depths to bands like, say, Moonsorrow, Wintersun, Grave, and so on. It has been a seemingly effortless plunge delving into hours of listening to studio tracks and possessing a general appreciation for the music. Nonetheless, attending live shows has been left undiscovered. In the past year, I have missed Korpiklaani, Obscura, and a few others. I believe some sort of challenge has been set for me.

So, why don’t I pick a date and time, pick up those feet of mine, and waltz in there?

Well, it ain’t that simple. The following points should offer some insight to my situation:

  1. The problem lies in the basic nature of heavy metal that has curiously lifted its everlasting appeal: Fans or appreciators are generally isolated, especially in my area. Therefore, the chances are slim to none as to whether I would encounter others who have a like interest to go with.
  2. The second issue involves just that. If I did grasp the opportunity, it would most likely be quite a ways away because my location is far from the cities that frequent metal bands. Knowing someone well enough who is willing to take a drive is extremely unlikely, and I would take myself but…
  3. Being a newbie and a minority in several dimensions (an African-American, reserved, female fan ), it would not be the place to test out the grounds on my own. Or, at least I don’t think so.
I look forward to the day when I can finally silence the unfortunate issue by existing in the atmosphere of live music…live metal music. I do not plan on allowing this to be fixated on my spirit as an excuse to whine (although this does really suck) or lament these limitations for the heck of it, but I am airing this issue to simply open it and understand the factors that are causing the hold up. I am anxious to keep exploring the art of metal; the truest delight would come from making some stops to absorb some live music and add to my experiences as a fan. I would propose somewhat of a semi-goal for myself, but I think this situation is a bit more complex since it seems as though it will rest on pure good luck to have this opportunity come to life. Perhaps I’m over analyzing the situation, or am I not asking a simple question to rid this problem: What can I do to finally get to my first show?

3 thoughts on “Ending a Crisis: How Do I Get to My First Metal Show?

  1. If you have band you enjoy stopping nearby, don't debate it so much, just go. By nature, most metal heads are introverts at heart–its an empowering music form. Even if you don't have a friend to go with you, don't let it stop you… and certainly don't allow your race or gender to make you feel shy. You may not make a friend first show, but if you enjoy the music, and see shows I promise you will start to see familiar faces and some friends will be made. Will continue to follow your blog… its interesting to hear fresh opinions from someone exploring the art of metal music, and curious how the live experience will strike you. Some bands live will give you that something extra that just can't be put into words; and other bands will bore you. But its absolutely fun checking it out.


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