One of the perks about the world of heavy metal music is the natural seclusion it wields. The idea of music being beneath the mainstream intensifies the appeal of popular metal bands like Suffocation or Sepultura. When one comes across an underrated group that hints at extremely noticeable acts, the undervalued appeal of metal resurfaces.

Wrust is a death/black metal band from Bostwana, Africa. The band became active in the early 2000s and released a full-length album called Souless Machine in 2007, which stands alone in their collection of works. The general sound of Wrust may come across as a bit premature, but the group gels well with “Souless Machine.” Instrumentally, the song rings with the familiar atmosphere of lightening guitar-work and pounding upbeats of death metal greats. One could possibly compare the tune with ’90s era Brazilian powerhouse, Sepultura. The vocals from Stux Daemon on the entire album give an average presentation, but are well-suited for their inclusion in any extreme metal format.

Even though there is popularity within metal music, it is fantastic to know that it can live through underrated bands.

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