Ever since I started listening to metal and rock music, I have been wanting to see a live show. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to go to one. I would always blurt out that Metallica was my first choice for a concert. Once I gained and interest in some lesser known bands, I began to want to see them live as well. These are my top five bands that I would like to see perform.

 Straight Line Stitch is a metalcore/hard rock band hailing from Tennessee. Frontwoman Alexis Brown relays  a fine combination of clean singing with rough vocals under developed  instrumentation. They may not have risen to the status of Metallica, but they can compete with the band in terms of touring. It would be shameful to miss out.

As long as the world turns, we are going to be faced with redudancy through the conventional production of music. When Ensiferum is taking into consideration, all becomes challenged with their fresh appeal. The Finland natives give quality sound and style through their works. And that was just what I arrived at after listening to them via iPod.


A mixture of raw hard rock and folk instrumentation was never conveyed as well as Korpiklaani does it. The majority of their lyrics may deal with lighthearted, carefree matters, but band never refrains from exhibiting their Finnish culture through rich music.
Amon Amarth’s brand of melodic Swedish death metal is characterized by wonderfully blended tones and lyrics doused in Scandinavian mythology; vocalist Johan Hegg is popular for his inclusion of traditional Viking antics onstage. Mead, anyone?
With Exodus as one of their primary influences, Bonded By Blood has gained much interest with metal fans who crave the vintage sounds. While we certainly cannot return to the times of stereos and cassettes, it would be great to experience their method of creating old school thrash.

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