The Tainting of "This Mortal Coil"

YouTube has proved to be an efficient source for entertainment. Users can discover almost anything on the site. However, they can also uncover some disturbing things that are hidden in the comment sections.

Carcass is one of my favorite metal bands. They are known for creatively blending grindcore and death to produce an incredible metal listening experience. Over the years I have been enjoying more extreme constructs of metal music, I have acquired a liking for Carcass’ songs such as, “Carnal Forge,” “Corporal Jigsore Quandary,” and “Empathological Necroticism.” They are amazing songs. Even though they are negative in the light of entertainment (what’s extreme metal without that factor?), that shouldn’t imply an excuse to taint it with the something worse.

While folding clothes last night, I figured I would go on YouTube to reel in some new Carcass works. I was quickly left with the lovely bitter sounds of a few of songs from their album Heartwork. Soon, I was left with an even more bitter taste from some of the comments that were listed. It got me thinking.

I assure you that this is post is not an attempt to complain through whining based on an irritating experience. I just want to relay the fact that people often don’t realize that the comments area is not neccessarily grounds for starting a war with words. Some individuals immediately begin slashing other’s ideals based race, religion, culture, or similar matters. To me, it’s simply common sense to know not to be a lamenter of negative sayings. Not only is it morally wrong, but it ruins the enjoyment of whatever it is on the screen.

The comment area (on any website) should be a healthy environment for exchanging ideals about the displayed content. It should not be filled with the motive to hate or open tired wounds. I am aware that reality would not be reality without controversy or people who blurt out awful expressions, but can we practice a bit more self-control?


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