College: Testing One’s Taste

If someone asked what I am doing with my life, I would gladly tell them that I am a full time college student. I would also tell them that I didn’t leave “the nest” to take classes. 

While being a commuter has its advantages, it also leaves questions pertaining to the authenticity of my status as a college student. In pretend questionnaire, I will uncover my choice to live at home and take college courses. 

“Are you a college student?”
Yes, I am.

“Do You Live On-Campus?”

No, I don’t. When I graduated high school, no one could persuade me to go off to college. I convinced  myself that I would remain at home and just do my studying in the bedroom I grew up in. As a seventeen-year-old, I just did not feel like I couldn’t get a firm grip on dwelling in a distant location. In addition to this, I just didn’t see the point in possibly travelling 100+ miles to take classes and “have the time of my life.”

“Why, Didn’t You Wanna Be Free!? These Are the Best Years of Your Life You Know…”

With my routine as an off-campus student,  I do miss out on a lot of on-campus activities even though there are less distractions at home. My weekdays typically involve absorbing lectures and running to the house to catch up on assignments that are due the next day.When my peers are discussing sorority and fraternity festivities, I feel as though there is no reason for me to comment. I can’t relate to the talks about dorm room happenings. I don’t gather with roommates in study sessions in the library. The examples are nearly endless.

However, I find ways to blend studies with the rest of my life.

“So, You’re Not Totally Isolated, Are You?”

Fortunately, I was able to become involved in a few organizations to help me balance some social development with academics. These grant me networking opportunities.

The world of higher education is changing. More individuals are obtaining degrees online and many students prefer to take their classes entirely online.

What it all reduces to is preference.


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