Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

Korpiklaani’s presence on the metal scene has always been marked with an easy, fresh appeal. They stand strong in the diversion from the monotonous deathcore and experimental subgenres in today’s heavier music. Also, it is not difficult to detect the contrast between the band and their Finnish counterparts, like Ensiferum and Children of Bodom. They avoid excessive serious weighted lyrics and welcome natural instrumentation. With song titles on past albums such as “Vodka” and  humorous music videos like “Keep on Galloping,” Korpiklaani is unique by surfacing lightheartedness. Nevertheless, the band helps lead the circuit of folk metal musicians who expertly blend their musicality with the traditional spirit of heavy metal. Ukon Wacka, Korpiklaani’s latest album, carries gems that sparkle among their older specialities. “Koivu Ja Tähti,” meaning birch and stroke, quickly springs into a rhythmic and melodious clatter. The faint undertoned bluesyness of  “Korvesta Liha,” which translates into wilderness meat, morphs into ominous sequences, backed with thunderous drumming. Korpiklaani has proved they know how to bring crisp music. Ukon Wacka is just a current way to show their cultivation.


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