It Makes a Big Difference

In the present indie and alternative  music circuit, almost the entire collection of artists  have given The Smiths a listen. The band created a comfortable medium by meshing soggy melody in songs that had most of their peaks during the ’80s. While today’s independent music is experiencing some intricate morphing with the mainstream becoming dependent on bands from Mumford and Sons to Metric, the magic of The Smiths lives in subtlety.

During the days near the album’s release in 1984, the band and their contemporaries bathed their art in fluid  notes that had a soft edge. Artists’ guitar, bass, and drum methods allied with the right of the dial, but the way the tools were used made a huge difference. Spacial synth coated songs made sense, but what rose to the top were tunes that had pop tendencies and undertones guided by an unaided format. Throughout the decade, the band gathered followers who recognized the bubblegum flavored appeal soaked in their self-sufficient gloom.

“What Difference Does it Make?,” from their self-titled The Smiths, marries their tasteful musical recipe with some added spice. The Smiths may offer a quick nostalgia trip for some, but they are a solid example for wanderers seeking musical enlightenment.


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