"Why?!"…Do We Have to be So Spoiled?

Skimming YouTube for retro Nickelodeon shows has granted some worthy finds. Everything from Hey Arnold! to Rugrats has been triggering nostalgia over the past couple of months. One of my recent re-discoveries was Kenan and Kel, which debuted in the mid-90s. It left a noteworthy notion that rang out longer than laughter at the duo’s mischief and mishaps.

Courtesy of abstractfonts.com

A few decades ago, all that was dire included scanning the TV guide schedule and taping shows that would be missed. Today that has been replaced with catching up on missed shows on a DVR and scanning TV shows on a satellite networks. If a general viewers had a question about one of the programs, it would be assumed they would Google it. It would be natural for a member of Generation-Y to assume a show’s character would do the same.

Adaptation is beginning to sweep the masses.

“Why don’t they just Google it?” One YouTube commenter’s shallow solution to Kenan’s ongoing comedic issues left me equally puzzled. It left me wondering where society is headed as is travels with technology for its co-pilot and Generation-Y as its pilot.

In an alluring picture, reports often present gadgets like iPads and Smartphones as saviors of the time. If one observes the portrait from a perspective doused in complexity, society becomes a bit disappointing. The younger generation has been granted the convenience of research through the Internet. Individuals are becoming reliant upon the technology for the smallest concerns. While this could be described in a number of ways, the prominent concern is that society is evolving. Hands on problem solving has escaped, even those that are staged.

The days of gathering around an analog TV to watch Teenick have departed. The dawn of technological revolution has brought in illustrious, yet weakening tools to get jobs accomplished.

If the Kenan and Kel was aired on a regular basis, Kenan would probably be more than pleased to lament his prized line, “Why?!,” at the sight of sluggish kiddies running on electronic fumes. His onscreen buddy Kel would also proudly shout his noted phrase with a more developed approach, “Aw! here goes the future!”


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