Metalocalypse: The Fame Has Begun

For me, there’s hardly anything better than catching Metalocalypse re-runs on Adult Swim. Between the characters’ different personalities and the tracks played with the showings, there is hardly any reason why I would miss it. What really makes it so special is that it is centered around the aspects of the “Metal World.” What makes it so perplexing is that the misadventures of the band Dethklok often revolve around their fame. Wait a sec. Did I just say fame?

Metal bands and fame…Now there’s a combo to make question.

Over the years, I’ve noticed metal bands gain and lose popularity in their underground status. But that’s the key; they dwell in the underground. Usually, mainstream music audiences and people in general fail to notice what goes on down metal street. According to the images and happening on the animated series, old Dethklok pretty much receives five star treatment and recognition by the media masses. They’ve got billion dollar sets for their shows and high tech mobiles for travel. Heck, they’ve even get their band’s buzz aired on the show’s entertainment channel. Now when was the last time you’ve seen a metal band whereabouts discussed on Showbiz Tonight?

If anything, the heavy metal genre’s prosecution is about the only thing that receives any amount of attention. This reeled in mucho fame during the 80s when Dee Snider delivered defense with the PMRC issue. More attention has been prompted by documentaries discussing its impact on vicious murders and such. Maybe Brendon Small and his gang designed the pampered band in the typical metal spirit of rebellion. Undeneath the brutality, there is just another popular music group raking in dollars and hogging the media shine and shimmer. From a more subtle view, the series really does seem to envoke lime-light glory amist is gorey occurances. With the exception of Cannibal Corpse’s showing in the Ace Ventura movie and the mentioning of Metallica in a lot of places, most metal bands aren’t portrayed as famous.

Capturing what many miss (that the art of this music is capable of healthy noteriety) Metalocalypse appears to show that metal can be positively recognized for what it is. One can just sit back, enjoy the show, and not get all worked up about how the media attacking its seemingly awful influence on mankind. 

Good thing this goes on its fantastical state. After all, would it really be special if say Kataklysm’s biography was aired on T.V. in real life? That wouldn’t be very metal at all.

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