Okay, Time to Express: Blogging About Blogging

Wait a minute. I have a voice.” 

These thoughts churned out a couple of nights ago as I evaluated the previous days of the week. In conversations, I had been more expressive. I was more aware of my surroundings. School assignments had been less of a challenge (even though they still aren’t particularly desirable).

What I realized was that blogging has tremendously affected me. Not only has it provided an outlet for creative writing,  but it has made me realize that I possess the power to actually lend my beliefs and thoughts. What was unknown to me beforehand has become quite important and life-altering now. 

I wasn’t always the metal rebel.

Being the baby of the family, I was always swayed by my siblings’ ideals and I can’t think of a time when I did not listen to mommy. Even now the opinions of the fam are still a part of my values. In addition to this, I would express an indifference when someone asked, “You want the grape or watermelon flavored gum?” My reply: “Umm, it doesn’t really matter, I guess.”

It DID matter.

As living creatures, we are given choices-no matter how big or small. They can really take a toll on the amount of respect you receive and the level of self-esteem you hold. There is no reason to become the next person or rely on their guidance. Yeah, it’s fine to be open to influence, but not become it. Even my adopted/stray cat, Potluck, won’t eat certain potluck. She’ll just keep meowing for milk.

As for me, the answers that I give to people are becoming more solid and less passive. So the next time someone asks which gum flavor I would prefer, I say, “I’ll take the grape.”


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