Sarcasm is a Savior for the Silent

Calling all shy girls and introverted guys. This one’s for you all:


It’s especially for those of you who use sarcasm as an outlet to express those thoughts and gestures. It took me a while to realize that this was an effective way to ward off the attackers who just aren’t comfortable with the mannerisms of silent types.

My past if full of shaded memories that varied as I progressed in age. Most of them have involved the confrontations of peers.The 6-year-old me would shed a few tears as my intrusive playground pals took turns picking on my breathy one word responses. In fifth grade, those responses I made were propelled by anger, and I found myself sticking up for myself. Functioning on the residual fuel from middle school tormentors, high school helped me settle into my inevitable calling. And, that was to build some solid protection for myself.

Sarcasm can be described as a method of satire that varies in its effect on ironic wording. It is commonly used against someone. What better way to defend yourself without caving in to unnecessary anger? After all, that is what attackers want, right?

And, so the weapon was answered its calling. 

Take a look, now, at this sour encounter that I once endured:

“Your facial expression; it’s just so–it’s so serious,” he blurted. Midway through the conversation with this dude last semester, and I could all ready detect that he found my reserved qualities comical. It was as if he received some wicked amusement from engaging in awkward chatter with me. The conversation ensued, taking twists and loops. He ended up suggesting that I used smiley faces while texting. My reply: “Yeah. Someone as serious as me really loves smiley faces.”

Welp. That little experience marked the ending to my seemingly never-ending quest to find comfort in my temperament. Sarcasm is sometimes my official go-to source to halt those, oh so bold, folks who can’t seem to handle silence. 

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